About QCA

Headquartered in Florida and serving nationally, QCA is recognized for excellence in mass media, as well as the ability to communicate with, inform and entertain large numbers of people.

Solely owned and operated by Sharlene Francois Lairscey, QCA works in cooperation with the staff of federal agencies, state departments and municipal governments, as well as private entities.

QCA has a Clear Vision

At QCA we have a business strategy, performance philosophy and systematic process that focuses on building and maintaining long-term client relations; managing and organizing our information; using technology to improve our services and maximizing repeat business and cross-selling services with existing clients.

“To become the first choice provider of quality communications solutions and your consultant of choice for improving, developing and delivering communications products and services nationwide.”

Our Mission

At QCA we are on a mission to succeed. We have an open, friendly environment of passionate people desiring to live up to a higher standard. We model and instruct one another and ourselves daily. Our associates not only respect one another, but show this in every interaction, even the tough ones. Our goal is to make the work life of our employees the best, and to be America’s communications employer of choice!