Quest was established in Florida as Quest Corporation of America, Inc. and incorporated on August 25, 1995, as an S-Corporation, solely owned and operated by Sharlene Francois to provide professional consulting services in the areas of marketing and mass communications for both private and public sector clients.

In the beginning, Sharlene served as a professional consultant operating from an office within her Tampa Bay area home.

From 1995-1997, Sharlene was the only Quest employee.  Quest’s first contract was with MDSI, a Chicago-based software development company, where Sharlene supported their Leadership Team with strategic planning and business development services.

With a gift for communication, Sharlene’s desire was to expand her operation.  Her vision was to serve government.  Her passion included a commitment to personal growth, professional leadership development and an active participation in community affairs.

In 1997, Quest was recognized as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and applied for and received certifications as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).  Quest was now well positioned to provide high-quality professional services to government agencies, engineering firms and construction companies throughout Florida.

In 1998, Quest received its first transportation agency contract with the Florida Department of Transportation – District 5 (FDOT – 5) when asked to serve as Public Information Manager for the $25.3 million construction project to widen, improve and beautify a major corridor in Central Florida.  According to Sharlene, “The US-192 Redevelopment Project was a major public/private initiative that changed US-192’s image, resulting in a more economically viable area.”  The project was funded by the private property owners through a Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU).  Improvements were completed in four phases.  This was the beginning of Quest’s Construction Support Division.

Today, while serving the Florida Department of Transportation statewide, our organization has built a solid foundation serving construction, as well as planning, project development & environmental (PD&E) and design. 

By 1999, as an FDOT minority certified firm, Quest was hiring its first employees to provide clerical, (EEO) compliance, construction inspection, construction office administration, community involvement and creative graphic solutions.

Our associates’ integrity and commitment to the highest standards of customer service and professionalism has resulted in Quest’s reputation for producing quality work.

By 2000, Quest was serving on major infrastructure improvement projects and was involved with Florida’s Long-Range Transportation Vision.  Our Leadership Team has focused on supporting statewide, regional and local partners with an emphasis on visioning and collaboration.

Our focus in Florida has been on Florida’s transportation system including state highways, local roads and public transit; our bicycle/pedestrian network; rail; seaports/waterways; aviation and now spaceports.

In 2004, now with a full service communications team of 30, Quest was in need of a production studio.  Communication products were also being developed and delivered to the masses.  With major agency clients such as the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Blueprint2000, The Central Florida Expressway (CFX, formerly OOCEA), Tampa International Airport and of course the FDOT, Quest was positioned to serve, not only as a communications/marketing company, but as a traditional advertising/media agency.

From the beginning, Quest set out to be a different kind of company committed to providing top quality work infused with a cutting-edge approach to creativity.

The company continues to grow!

In 2008, Quest was happy to announce that on June 10, we entered into a Purchase and Development Agreement with Suncoast Meadows Professional Center, LLC, to build a 3,000 square foot corporate office building.  The building is located in Pasco County off of SR 54, just east of the Suncoast Expressway and the Suncoast Trail.  While the company was growing, Quest’s culture, which originates from our deep-rooted commitment to integrity and service but also our associates’ compassion for others, was clearly in place.

“I believe that God worked in my life as He does in all of our lives to bring us from barrenness to fruitfulness for his Glory.  He wants to get the most from us every day.  By embracing His requirements, I see more lasting results from my life than I ever thought possible—and I know for certain that even more are on the way.”

Quest steps out of the box and continues to break new ground.

In 2011, Sharlene incorporated two new companies, BrandMunki and Collective Sports Marketing, to provide branding and creative solutions to the sports and entertainment industries but soon found her way back to transportation.  Sharlene sold both companies and remains dedicated to government infrastructure improvement programs today.

Quest goes National.

By 2012, Quest was serving in Alabama, Connecticut and North Carolina.  In 2013, we added Georgia and Texas to our list, and Pennsylvania in 2014.

Quest is minority certified in 43 states and is fully committed to serving nationally.

In 2015, Quest celebrates 20 years of dedicated service.   We are grateful.  We are thankful.  And, we are faithful to the industry and to our clients, who appreciate our commitment to excellence and continue to reward us with their business.

Quest has a vision for the next 20 years.  We want to serve our clients with innovation and honesty.  We want to serve our employees by providing stable growth and personal development.  We want to serve the public ethically.  And we want to serve the community through public service.

Quest’s vision is to become the nation’s premier provider of transportation communications services.  As mentors for the next generation, we pledge to continue to be passionate and to provide the best possible service in the future.