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Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) leadership decided to rebrand the agency with a more regional transportation focus. The agency selected Quest to serve as the general marketing consultant, responsible for achieving this goal through unifying and building of existing advertising, marketing and public relations. Since the initial kick-off meeting with JTA, our team has successfully completed hundreds of tasks for the authority.

Initial tasks included identifying key target audiences, conducting a competitive analysis of like agencies and completing a communications review of current internal and external communication efforts. Internal and external clients were surveyed to determine the current perceptions of JTA among residents and target audiences. We implemented numerous marketing campaigns for JTA programs and services including the launch of the “AirJTA” bus service to and from the airport, the promotion of the “Bikes on Buses” education and training program, the promotion of the use of JTA services as a cost-effective solution for commuters and JTA’s 50th and 55th anniversary celebrations.

We excel at taking a seed of an idea and growing it into a full-fledged marketing campaign with impact. Our JTA campaigns reached a market of more than 700,000 people. Additional tasks successfully accomplished included the redesign and launch of the JTA website along with the design and production of the agency’s annual reports to become less of a governmental piece and more of a community relations tool.

Most recently Quest has supported JTA and RS&H Engineering with public outreach, public meetings and surveying activities for the MobilityWorks Complete Streets and the Skyway Modernization project.


Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)


General Marketing Consultant / Print Design / Web Design

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