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Road construction in Florida is big business and workers are in constant demand. Construction contractors working for the Florida Department of Transportation constantly feel the pinch to find qualified entry-level and experienced workers. While many contractors offer On-the-Job Training opportunities for federally and state-funded projects, and while they can teach workers how to pave a road or run a bulldozer, they were finding that many entry-level employees lacked in soft skills areas such as basic construction math and workplace communication skills. FDOT charged Quest with the task of creating a two-year pilot program that would address certain life skills and help better prepare job seekers for the workplace.

Our team began by branding the new program, Roads to Jobs Life Skills for Construction Careers. After creating the brand and logo, the team developed marketing materials targeted specifically to two audiences: contractors and job seekers. With experienced educational staff on the team, Quest also developed a curriculum designed in four modules to be presented in four half days. Material includes: Basic Construction Math, Workplace Communication and Grammar with Road Construction Terminology, Road Construction Safety, and Resume and Interview Development.

We are currently working with community partners throughout the state to incorporate the Roads to Jobs materials into training programs for job seekers, with a special emphasis on minorities, women and veterans. To date, Roads to Jobs Life Skills for Construction Careers has collaborated with the Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women in Tampa, the Florida State College of Jacksonville, Pinellas Urban League and Pinellas Ex-offenders Re-entry Program, MEGA Social Enterprises and others to connect the unemployed and underemployed with the abundance of career opportunities in the road construction industry.


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)


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