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Quest’s Technology Division is a diverse team of experts in: Graphic Design, Social Media Strategy, Web Design, Information Technology, Videography, Photography, Sound Engineering, GIS, and Aerial Imagery. The team works from a production studio and shall mobilize statewide at a moment’s notice surpassing client expectations utilizing their cutting-edge equipment and software.

  • Website Creation
  • Design
  • Support
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GIS – Our in-house geographic information system can allow members of the public to participate in mapping activities, help project teams gather demographic or other specific data and generate mailing lists for event awareness and outreach initiatives.

Drone – 3D Drone Photography, Videography, Progress Photos/Videos, Photogrammetry (modeling), Mapping and Surveying. These services are widely used in vertical / horizontal construction, engineering, real estate, architecture, agriculture, utilities, (above / below ground), informational / educational videos and more

Photography – We use high end aerial cinematography equipment such as the DJI Inspire 2 paired with a Zenmuse X7 camera that delivers stunning resolution and image quality (up to 6K CinemaDNG). We offer a statewide service, providing a personalized and private landing page for every client’s deliverables. Our deliverables will never have a watermark or logo placed upon them, as we know the importance of utilization for future projects, proposals and pursuits for our clients.